annie varnot

Montello Foundation Artist-In-Residence Fellowship

April 30-May 14, 2016studio caldera in progress art

Off the grid in North Eastern Nevada

As I write this I have been off the grid for 13 days listening to the oceanic wind, watching the mesmerizing sun rise and fall, waking to the hammer drilling of wood peckers, and inhaling the spaciousness of the remote high desert. The first week I spent in awe of the environment, not quite grasping how I would work with it in my art. I was doing watercolors about water but somehow that didn't jive. I did a painting in watercolor, wet on wet, en plein air, every night of the sun setting. Perfect for the ephemeral sky, however watercolor as a medium in the desert seemed an inappropriate one to use for rendering the arid land. I made a few colored pencil drawings called "American Desert Still-Lives" while continuing to dig deeper. I finally hit something that I want to develop further: constellation sculpture shelters. The dominant chords for me in this part of the Great Basin are sky, sun, shelter, light, wind, and stars. These outdoor sculptures would act as shelter from the sun and wind. The model above was made from paper. I pricked holes into the paper that correspond with the SouthWest sky at night. I also added a few fictitious constellation characters inspired by my discoveries at the Montello Foundation.

Image: "Paper Model of Constellation Shelter 1 with Petroglyph Anasazi Yellow Jacket Man," 2016

Caldera Arts Center Artist-in-Residence Fellowship and Open Studios

March 4-March 29, 2016/ Open Studios March 26, 2016studio caldera in progress art

Sisters, OR

I spent twenty-four amazing and prolifc days making work at Caldera Arts Center in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. The first week I spent becoming familiar with the large studio space and majestic landscape. Meanwhile I painted watercolors in my A-frame cabin. The second week I began plans for larger, more ambitious sculptural installations proportional to the studio space. This work was created with resources at hand (drinking straws, sheetrock, lumber, paint and burnt wood). The compositions came from a need to link landscape with human desires for connection and a wish to focus on the gaps where things don't connect. The positive forms interact as if they are stretching, breaking, forming, reaching, piercing, filling, or spilling. The last week I worked non-stop in the studio on these sculptural pieces, finishing them for open studios.

Image: "Model of Split," 2016


Pop Up Paper Show

March 27, 2015 from 6-9 p.m.
Reich Paper
7518 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209
Join us for this festive event.
The Stand Project is sponsoring a group exhibition and studio sale at Reich Paper in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Stand's commitment to artists and community brings this unique art experience to the public. The Paper Pop-Up Show is a group exhibition and studio sale, featuring the work of over twenty artists connected to the Bay Ridge community. Part exhibition, part studio sale, the event brings together a diverse group of artists to initiate dynamic dialogues about studio practices and the importance of community involvement and support. A variety of works on paper will be on view and available for purchase, priced to sell at $300.00 or less. Stand is artist-run and artist-funded. 100% of sales generated at this event will go directly to the artists. Participating artists: Audrey Anastasi, John Avelluto, Jeannine Bardo, Danielle Bullock, Jean Calderone, Maria Calderone, Alyssa Casey, Barbara Compa, Alicia Degener, John De La O, Nicole Donnelly, Joanie Flickinger, Dennis Greenwell, Peter Hagen, Azita Houshiar, Tyshawn Henry, Ellen Coleman Izzo, Heidi Lanino, Deidre Laughton, Kate McGraw, Toby Needler, Sara Pringle, Kristine Robinson, John Ros, Jason Rondinelli, Judith Rubenstein, Darcy Smith, Patti Smith, Beth Steidle, Diane Steiner, Elena Soterakis, Annie Varnot, Jacque Wadsworth, Peter Wadsworth, Tamara Zahaykevich, Heidi Zarou


February 25-March 7, 2014
University Galleries, Illinois State University, Normal, IL

May 19-July 1, 2012
Wave Hill Sunroom Project Space

Flowers, Follies, and Other Rites of Spring

March 6 - April 27 2011
Rockland Center for the Arts

element - progess

9 april - 22 may 2011
@ spool mfg.
curated by john ros
annie varnot
jennifer palmer
jodi hays
joel bacon
kirsten nash
nancy hubbard
richard feaster
opening reception: 9 april 2011, 7-9pm
closing reception: 21 may 2011, 7-9pm

Nash on Varnot